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What Is Bad Credit?
How Do These Contracts Work?
Updates | Bad credit is not just a classification, but a limitation on your financial freedom. Bad credit comes about as a result of late payments or default. Both of these come under the umbrella of things providers keep their hands clean from. Therefore, to providers, a bad credit individual is a high-risk individual. So, it is not so hard to guess their willingness to do business with you if you have been negligent in your financial affairs in the past.

Welcome To WM Phones

Welcome to WM Phones, the place where bad credit has no place and everyone can have the phone of their choice. Choose from a variety of different bad credit phones, without having to worry about your credit rating coming in your way. This is what you get here at WM Phones. We boast a wide portfolio, with contracts from the major providers in the market.

Bad Credit Contracts

As essential as having a mobile phone may be, having bad credit can act as a major hindrance in your way of getting access to it. Here, you are running out of options to choose from. Here, you need an alternative. WM Phones aids this situation of yours, bringing to you a variety of different mobile phone contracts just when you need them the most.

What Is Bad Credit?

When you take up a loan or a mobile phone contract, it comes with certain obligations you must meet. Be it the interest rate payment or installments, you are bound to meet these payments and in due time. Here, failure to do so does not go unnoticed. In fact, it goes on to stick to your credit report for years to come.

"As a result, you find yourself caughtin financial shackles that we refer to as bad credit"

Why Do We Need Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts?

However, the truth is that no matter how negligent you have been, everyone needs a mobile phone contract. With bad credit, this is not the easiest thing to achieve. Not only are the rates extremely unfavourable, but the applications are rejected in bulks. So should you not get a mobile phone at all? Of course you can opt for buying one outright but when is that ever convenient? So if it is a contract you need, it is a contract you should get. If not ordinary, then something out of the ordinary. At WM Phones, we offer you just that. All you have to do is fill in our simple online application and watch it happen.

Another thing to consider is that if you are looking to improve your credit ratings for a day where you will get access to ordinary contracts, these bad credit contracts are just the stepping-stones you need. Not being able to get access to loans or any mobile phone contracts could suppress your ability to show your creditworthiness. Our loans fill the gap and give you just the platform to do so.

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  • How Do These Contracts Work?
  • How Much Do These Contracts Cost?
  • Are These Contracts Guaranteed?
  • Why Choose WM Phones?

How Do These Contracts Work?

How Do These Contracts WorkIn most aspects, they are almost identical to ordinary contracts. You choose a mobile phone without having to pay its entire cost and make timely installments. There is nothing complicated, no grey areas at all. In fact, there are some aspects in which these contracts are even better than regular contracts. For instance, considering that credit ratings are taken out of the equation, you do not have to worry about whether or not your credit rating will sufficient enough. These contracts are near-guaranteed, and so, you have that much-needed certainty.

How Much Do These Contracts Cost?

How Do These Contracts WorkAs mentioned above, these contracts tend to be identical to ordinary contracts in more than one way. Not only is the cost to be paid in installments, but the cost determining factors are also the same. The first and foremost cost-determining factor is how loaded your plan is. For frequent users, there are heavier plans, while others tend to prefer less-loaded ones. Then, there is the phone you choose. Relatively more expensive phones tend to translate in more expensive contracts. Lastly, your loan period also determines the amount of installments you pay. The larger the period, the smaller each installment. However, choosing such an option means you pay an overall greater amount.

Are These Contracts Guaranteed?

How Do These Contracts WorkWhile we do not claim that every application we receive ends up translating into an approval, what are entirely sure about is that if you have bad credit, we are your best chance at getting your hands on any mobile phone contract. We use wide portfolio of leading providers to get you the best of the industry, and allow you the ease and privilege of having all of it at your fingertips. Click for more info regarding bad credit mobile phones.

Why Choose WM Phones?

How Do These Contracts WorkYou are most likely to be aware of the fact that there is no lack of different bad credit mobile phone contracts providers. So why us? Apart from the fact that we have in our portfolio the likes of O2 and Virgin Mobile, there are quite a few reasons that makes us stand out. For one, we believe in enlightenment. Before we ask you to buy or sign anything, we make sure you are aware of all the relevant aspects and options at your disposal. We do not promise things we can't offer, and exercise utmost transparency. You get what you see. Simple as that. With us, you are in for a long haul, and we ensure that this journey of yours is worth remembering. Our contracts are not just favourable, but we also boast an unprecedented ease - all you have to do is fill in our online application.